Chocolate Dipped Heaven!

Trying new foods is always fun. mostly when I get to try a new recipe and it turns out really well, that is when I get super happy!
Recently I have gotten so excited after finding a "quick fix" product. Oh is it tasty!

My new fascination is with the chocolate dipped cocunut Luna bar. I have always been a fan of Luna products. When I raced I used the "luna moons" for hydration. The bars have been products I purchase for a quick balanced meal or snack on a busy night or day of work. They were the best option for a nutritionally sound bar, but nothing amazing....WAIT!!! This particular one is fabulous. It makes me happy...truly I look forward to eating it.

Similar to the taste of girlscout samoas! BUT BETTER, and better for you!

Later this afternoon I get to do something else I love, grocery shop...Really I love doing it b/c I love looking at all the ingredients that I am going to combine to make into such a tasty meal for my husband, my love and I.

Try the Luna Bar!~


  1. Sounds yummy!
    I tagged you in a post tonight!

  2. I just bought a box of these Luna bars strictly based on your recommendation!!!


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